Terms and Conditions

  1. I am of legal age (i.e.18 years of age or older) in the country of my residence, and it is my own will & wish to participate in this business, and the opportunity is available only on Solicitation.
  2. I agree that as an IBA (Independent Business Associate), I am responsible for determining my own business activities without any direction or control by the company "Global Care". I will not represent in any manner that I am an agent or employee of Global Care. I am responsible for the payment of all national and state self-employment taxes and any other tax required under any national, state or regulatory authorities in India.
  3. I understand that this a Direct Selling business opportunity, and the Direct Selling business is a way of doing modern retailing and it is not any investment business. Anyone can benefit in direct selling only by way of doing business of retailing products through word of mouth, based on the volumes of sales by self & team developed under him. There won’t be any quick or easy money. Earnings are truly depending upon the efforts you make in a genuine direct selling business, and I am having clear understanding of this before getting involved in this direct selling business.
  4. Being an IBA, I agree to receive all the communications by SMS or Emails sent by the company time to time on the purpose of my business transactions and also business promotion information.
  5. This position does not constitute the sale of a franchise and no fee, charge or required purchase for participation as an Independent Business Associate is required of me to participation in this business as an Independent Business Associate.
  6. I agree that as a "Global Care" IBA (Independent Business Associate), I shall place the primary emphasis upon the sale of "Global Care" products and services to consumers. Permissible Independent Business Associate purchases shall be automatically modified to comply with the exemption requirements set forth in any state laws regulating the business opportunities.
  7. In presenting the "Global Care" products, services, Sales & Marketing plan and the Independent Business Associate position to the new prospects; I agree that such presentations shall strictly adhere to the prescribed format and that I will be terminated as an Independent Business Associate if I fail to do so.
  8. In order to maintain a viable Company and to comply with changes in national, state or local laws in economic conditions in the country - INDIA, "Global Care" reserves the right to amend, revise, institute, alter or modify without any prior notice, including but not limited to prices, literature, policies, these Terms and Conditions, Policies and Procedures and the Sales & Marketing Plan. Any such revisions become effective and binding upon publication on the official "Global Care"website or other official "Global Care" publication. Independent Business Associate agrees to be bound by these changes.
  9. I understand that my Independent Business Associate position can be inherited or bequeathed, but cannot be transferred or assigned during my lifetime without written consent of the Company, which will not be unreasonably withheld.
  10. This Agreement shall be deemed in effect upon its acceptance while signing up on the website of "Global Care".
  11. I am aware of, and agree to abide by the company defined policies & procedures of Cooling off period, Products Refund Policy, Grievance policy etc. and agree to avail as and when necessary.
  12. I will not promote my Independent Business Associate business nor use the Company name, or the trade names, logos, sales materials, trademarks or service marks of "Global Care", except in materials provided by the Company or approved in writing by "Global Care"prior to their use by me. I understand that unauthorized use or duplication of trademarks or copyrighted materials is a violation of the law in the country.
  13. I am responsible for supervising and supporting Independent Business Associates, I introduce into this business and in my commissionable Downline. I agree to maintain monthly communication and support to those Independent Business Associates in my commissionable Down line by way of any of the following, or combination thereof, personal contact, telephone communication, written communication and attendance at Independent Business Associate meetings.
  14. I will not make any disparaging, false or misleading statements about "Global Care" Independent Business Associate position or Company products, including but not limited to claims that Company products diagnose, cure, or prevent disease.
  15. Display of commission checks, the making of income projections and use of Independent Business Associate income testimonials to prospective Independent Business Associates is prohibited. I will conduct myself as an Independent Business Associate in a courteous, fair and ethical manner.
  16. Independent Business Associates in the same household must have the same sponsor. Change of original sponsor is not permitted. Independent Business Associate and customer lists and names are owned by Company and may never be used for any commercial or business purpose without prior written consent of the company. During the term of this agreement and for 120 days thereafter, Independent Business Associate shall not, directly or indirectly solicit Independent Business Associates or customers of "Global Care"to other direct selling organizations.
  17. This Agreement is governed under the laws of the country of India. The parties agree that any claim, dispute or other difference between them shall be exclusively resolved by the authority at Hyderabad. All disputes pertaining to this agreement will be subject to the jurisdiction of the company corporate office, i.e. Hyderabad, Telangana.
  18. "Global Care" will pay Independent Business Associate commissions and bonuses on orders received and accepted for sale of products to the ultimate consumer (not sales aids) made by Independent Business Associate and his/her sales organization under the terms of the Compensation Plan.
  19. "Global Care" will retain full authority to accept or reject any application or any order for the products. Such refusal is solely within the discretion of "Global Care". No rights of action against "Global Care"will arise because of any such acceptance or refusal.
  20. "Global Care" will not be responsible for the Videos and Posts uploaded by Third Parties/Seller/Consumer/any Business Associates through their personal sites and Id's, which may come under Drugs and Magic Remedies (Objectionable Advertisement) Act, 1954. Long Title: An Act to control the advertisement of drugs in certain cases, to prohibit the advertisement for certain purposes of remedies alleged to possess magic qualities and to provide for matters connected therewith.
  21. Nonetheless, the parties herein shall agree to give due cognizance to factors like acts of God, Natural Calamities, Epidemics, Pandemics, Riots, Strikes, Arson, Fire, Power Interruptions, Labor Unrest, Hardships in raw materials procurement, to name a few, at all places of relevance, as any of these elements will have a cascading effect, impacting/hitting the production and delivery plans/schedules.
  22. "Global Care" assumes no liability for personal injury to the Independent Business Associate or the third party from use or mishandling of any of products promoted by "Global Care".
  23. Stocks once received by the IBA or Distributor wish to return due to any issues, the time frame should be 30 days from the date of receipt and it should be in a saleable condition, sealed and packing should be intact. Once the seal is open goods will not be taken back.
  24. "Global Care "reserves the right to terminate this agreement immediately upon receipt of sufficient information that Independent Business Associate has violated any Terms or Conditions of this agreement or has otherwise acted illegally or unethically.